Climate change (CC) threatens progress on development particularly in developing countries because they have the least capacity to cope. Adaptation to climate change in these countries is therefore critical. These adjustments in response to the negative impacts of climate change are necessary as they are locally focused and inexpensive.

Adaptation efforts based at the local level addresses exposure of vulnerable recipients to the adverse impacts of climate change. Community based climate change adaptation identifies and facilitates local development activities that strengthen the capacity of local people to adapt to the capricious climate. This approach employs participatory processes and disaster risk reduction.


Participants will acquire knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify various Community Based Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (CBCCA&R) approaches;
  • Highlight the causes of global cli­mate change and the impacts to development;
  • Clarify how climate change adaptation and mitigation measures are linked to country devel­opment plans;
  • Identify ways to reduce household and community vulnerabil­ity to climate change
  • Use tools to integrate CC consider­ations into the community plans;
  • Applying CCA knowledge into sustainable development and poverty reduction practices at the local, and other levels.
  • Outline participatory monitoring and evaluation (PME) and appraisal tools of community responses to CC;


5 day training

Day 1: Introduction to climate change

Day 2: Understanding community vulnerability and capacity to respond to climate change

Day 3: Developing a community climate change response

Day 4: Using communications to support your climate change plan

Day 5: Monitoring and evaluating your community climate change plan

The target groups are humanitarian and development management practitioners, non-governmental workers and government staff.

Detailed Course Description

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Cost: USD 750 for individuals; 650 for groups above 10 participants.

Training fee includes conference package (training venue, tea/coffee, lunch, snacks, wifi etc)

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