Modern day organizations and governments have embraced Cash transfer programming (CTP) to address the needs of communities during disasters and early development period. CTP has become popular because it gives dignity back to people and is seen as appropriate emergency response to provide for the immediate needs for food and non-food items. This approach is also used to support the recovery of livelihoods after disasters and put communities back on the path to development.

There are various forms of CTP and many staff in these organizations and local governments have been using these approaches at times without good justification thereby failing to achieve optimum benefits that CTP provides.


This course aims to provide working knowledge in the concept and practice of cash transfers in development and humanitarian domains.


At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Explain cash transfer programming including principles for good practice in CTP in development and humanitarian contexts.
  • Distinguish various approaches, delivery mechanisms, strengths and risks and tools for cash transfers
  • Justify prerequisites for execution of cash transfers
  • Explain community accountability reporting mechanisms and monitoring and evaluation in CTP
  • Exhibit ability to design, execute, monitor and evaluate CTP

Detailed Course Description

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Cost: USD 750 for individuals; 650 for groups above 10 participants.

Training fee includes conference package (training venue, tea/coffee, lunch, snacks, wifi etc)

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